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Sunday, August 1, 2010

StarCraft II (Retail) Map Hack

Credit goes to user Perma of Edge of Nowhere for creating and releasing this map hack.

Mirror #1: Perma's Starcraft II Maphack
Mirror #2: Perma's Starcraft II Maphack

This simple but functional program reveals the main map and the mini-map to the player, including all of the enemy and neutral units on the map, in any of four states. The first state is off mode, which completely disables the maphack. The second state is full mode, revealing all units and buildings and removing the fog of war. The third and fourth states are shared and enemy vision modes respectively, returning the fog of war and revealing to you areas that your allies or enemies have explored or can see at the moment. True to our original roots, this program is made available free of charge to the public, as are all subsequent updates.

Please remember that this is a public hack, and therefore it can be detected. There currently does not seem to be a different detection implementation in place from what we are already used to, but this could happen at any time. Keep this in mind when using the hack, as there is a risk involved with using any hack that is widely available to the public.

If you enjoy my work, please consider donating to support it. Your generous contributions go a long way in making hacks like these possible and rewarding to update. You can donate via PayPal to I appreciate any interest and support that the community shows in my work.

Usage Instructions
  1. Extract all files to the same folder.
  2. Start StarCraft II.
  3. Run the application SC2_zLoader.exe.
  4. Return to the game, the F5 key will cycle through the states.
Note: You can turn the hack on or off or cycle through the various states at any time during gameplay with the F5 key on your keyboard. Special thanks to Zynastor for providing an alternate loader for this program. You can load additional hacks by simply placing them in the same folder as the loader.

Change LogVersion 1.4
- Added enemy vision mode, revealing areas of the map your enemy has explored.
- Added shared vision mode, which reveals areas both your allies and enemies have explored.
- Added version detection, preventing the maphack from being enabled on outdated versions of StarCraft II.
- Fixed a multi-threading issue that decreased performance.
Version 1.3
- Updated to patch v1.0.1 of StarCraft II.
Version 1.2
- Removed previous loader code and replaced with Zynastor's loader.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the file from being loaded on select machines.
Version 1.1
- Removed the interface from the loader.
- Removed the loader validation code from the maphack.
Version 1.0
- Initial build and release.


  1. is this working or a fake ??
    i just wanna know that because , i´m interested and i dont donate in some fuck..

  2. esto funciona? voy a probarlo haber si funciona y si funciona donare dinero para que sigan progresando

  3. if this functions, i hope you FOAD, fucking asshole.

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  6. do you know a way to connecting to a 3rd party game and watch the game as an observer(secretly) so that its not obvius to the admin that I am using a map hack?
    E.I Map hacking trought the 3rd party (hiden)observer.
    Is there a way to intercept incoming traffic and displaing on a other computer. You know what I mean?...

  7. This should not be that hard and will be compleatly undetectable.
    There must be a way to decrypt incoming traffic from the server, right?