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Sunday, February 28, 2010

StarCraft II Beta Single Player AI Crack

So, we're all super stoked that the beta is here, and why shouldn't we be? One of the most anticipated titles of the computer gaming world is drawing near, and we must have our hands on it, playing it, living in the StarCraft universe!

Of course, within ten days, the game has been cracked to allow single person play against computers. This has been made possible by Team LazyTown's sandboxed StarCraft II. Several others have also extracted harder intelligence difficulties from the game as well, most have been dubbed "turd" difficulties, but there is finally a hard computer to play.

I've packed up the current maps that have been included with AI, as well as the turd, easy, and hard difficulty modification files. Big ups to Team LazyTown for their sandboxed SC2, and to the teams that made semi difficult to difficult game play possible.

Download: StarCraft II Beta Single Player AI Crack