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Saturday, November 6, 2010

ZoroX's zO_Rival Map Hack v1

Mirror #1: ZoroX's zO_Rival Map Hack v1

ZoroX from Edge of Nowhere has released a multi-functional map hack for Starcraft 2 v1.1.2 that is currently undetected. Pretty simple to use, and is auto updating for when new versions come out.

zO_Rival comes with your standard map hack as well as a tie hack and warden scan detection.

  • Run StarCraft II
  • Run zLoader.exe before logging in
  • If you get a error, just reinject
    • F5 - Toggle this to desync from the game without getting a win or loss.
    • F6 - Toggle 2 state maphack off and lite.
    • Home - Check for updates

Note: zO_Rival Map Hack is an undetected hack (as of November 6th, 2010) but make sure to watch the hack's download page at the author's website.