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Saturday, August 14, 2010

StarCraft 2 MultiHack - Freedom 2 Hack

Mirror #1: StarCraft 2 MultiHack - Freedom 2 Hack

Freedom 2 Hack is a multiple function hack for StarCraft 2. What's really nifty is it also integrates an external chat interface into your game, so you can create and join channels, which you can converse in through the normal chat interface of the game.

What's REALLY cool about Freedom 2 Hack is that it has the ability to do 'Camera Spoofing' which will essentially fool the replay mechanism to not show your sketchy map viewing behavior. GENIUS! You can view a more detailed explanation in the README file included with the package, and I'll be posting some good camera properties and settings in some future posts!

Note: Freedom 2 Hack is an undetected hack (as of August 14th, 2010) but make sure to watch the hack's download page at the author's website.

Usage Instructions
  1. Extract all files to the same folder.
  2. Start StarCraft II, then ALT + TAB (Minimize) out of the game.
  3. Run the program nInjector.exe, and then press the 'Inject' button.
  4. Return to the game. Use the HOME key to cycle through the hack's 3 states.
Note: Remember to use the Camera Spoofing feature, for a good reference on that, please view the 'Readme.txt' file in the package.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for blogging about our hack! :)
    You're able to link directly to our downloads page, and screenshots. We don't have any bandwidth limits. And our web server will always be up so download mirrors are unnecessary :D