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Saturday, August 7, 2010

CraniX's Retail StarCraft 2 Map Hack

Credit goes to the administrator of, CraniX for creating and releasing this map hack. It's pretty simple, but the cool thing is CraniX has two other methods he will be keeping private (and limited) to subscribers on his message board (there's a subscription fee, of course) so go over and check it out!

Mirror #1: CraniX's StarCraft 2 Maphack

Sorry for the delay, here it is. I now have three different methods of maphacking Starcraft 2, two of witch have not been released. These two methods will remain private for paying members if I decide to do this.

Usage Instructions
  1. Extract all files to the same folder.
  2. Start StarCraft 2.
  3. Run the application cmd.exe, the application with the banana icon.
  4. Return to the game, press the asterisk (*) on your number pad to activate it, and the forward slash (/) on your number pad to disable it.
Note: You can turn the hack on or off or cycle through the various states at any time during gameplay with the F5 key on your keyboard. Special thanks to Zynastor for providing an alternate loader for this program. You can load additional hacks by simply placing them in the same folder as the loader.

CraniX's Retail SC2 Map Hack

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