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Saturday, October 2, 2010

StarCraft 2 Maphack (ValiantChaos)

Mirror #1: StarCraft 2 Maphack - ValiantChaos Maphack

ValiantChaos Maphack is similar to the now defunct StarCraft 2 MultiHack 'Freedom 2 Hack' in that it supports camera/observer manipulation as well as automatically sending your starting workers to gather in addition to being a three-state map hack.

You can also configure the hotkeys, and control the functionality of the map hack in game with the following commands:

  • /mh # - Set maphack to off(1), lite(2) or full(3).
  • /wp # - Watch player camera. (use /list to get player id)
  • /wp - Toggle watch player camera off.
  • /as - Toggle auto start on/off
  • /ss - Toggle show player selections on/off.
  • /list - Get a list of players in-game with player id.

Remember to use the camera lock feature when viewing your enemy, don't make it obvious your using a maphack and never mention to anyone your using a maphack.

Another important thing, just because this maphack is undetected from Warden it doesn't mean you can't get banned for using it. If it was made obvious you were using a maphack in a replay, like not using the camera lock feature when looking at your enemy or just knowing where he is all the time, then it's possible you could get banned.

I am also not responsible if you happen to lose your account, I have put it a lot of work with trying to avoid detection and make this hack as safe as I can but I cannot guarantee it's 100% safe, however it won't be as easy to detect compared to other hacks, so use and continue to use it at your own risk!

StarCraft 2 Maphack (ValiantChaos)

Note: ValiantChaos Maphack is an undetected hack (as of October 2cd, 2010) but make sure to watch the hack's download page at the author's website.

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